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Select Safety Products ….. are an innovative, vibrant, forward thinking ISO9001:2000 approved company under English management sspecialising in the manufacture and supply of Personal Protective Equipment and associated safety wear .

With offices in Thailand, China, Hong Kong and Malaysia, warehouses in Shanghai and Shenzhen for consolidating combined with countless production facilities we provide a complete range of safety wear (safety spectacles, goggles, glasses, helmets, respirators etc) to exacting standards at the lowest possible price by maximizing the high levels of skill, low labour and capital costs available to us.

We use only Western quality materials and state of the art machinery in the manufacture of our products to ensure CE / ANSI compliance. Whatever your needs, our self critical standards ensure that any order that leaves our production facilities will exceed rather than meet the most demanding requirements.

We strongly focus towards customer service and boast a diverse and well experienced team of professionals with over 20 years of safety industry knowledge making us one of Asia’s most experienced and qualified sources for Personal Protective Equipment. Our employees are the mainstay of our business and are here to serve you……………………..

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